Designathon is a design-focused hackathon hosted by Bruin Entrepreneurs at UCLA. This event seeks to challenge your creativity, broaden your scope of design knowledge, and introduce you to the hard and soft skills involved in developing expertise in the field – all while getting the chance to create something exciting that addresses a real world problem. Designathon is inclusive of all students and creatives, regardless of skill level and background! 

This year, our theme is focused on rethinking space. The current climate has inspired us all to reflect on our surroundings and how we can reimagine them, from physical spaces (such as transforming bedrooms into classrooms) to more abstract concepts (like the intersection of race and the environment). Based on these notions of space, our central question is: How can we think critically about the underlying systems we operate in and address problems in our day-to-day lived experiences?

Applications are open until 11:59pm PST on Wednesday, March 31!

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April 10, 2021

10:00am PST


2:00pm PST

Opening Remarks

11:00am PST

Workshop 1

3:00pm PST

Speaker Panel

12:00pm PST

Workshop 2

4:00pm PST

Team Formation 

1:00pm PST

Workshop 3

5:00pm PST


Workshop 4

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What's design thinking?

Design thinking is an iterative and innovative human-centered problem-solving process that values empathy, ideation, and experimentation to creatively tackle big issues. Design thinking emphasizes focusing on your users, challenging assumptions, and redefining and uncovering problems to reach a solution.


What’s speculative design?

Speculative design is a process in which you really flex your creativity and push the boundaries of what you can imagine for a probable, plausible, and preferable future. We can use speculative design to critique existing systems, better understand our present society, and think about what we want and don’t want in our futures.


Why is this important to me?

What you learn at Designathon is how to embrace simple shifts in your mindset and approach problems from a new direction. All of this is super applicable to any major, career, or industry!

Who can attend?

Any student is welcome to participate in this all-inclusive event, whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned pro!


How do I prepare?

Our workshops will be catered towards guiding you through each step of creating your projects, but if you want to read more about design thinking or speculative design beforehand, please do! You can also check out this talk for a dig at design thinking, just to #spice things up.


What should I bring/have?

A laptop! A willingness to learn, meet people, and make something cool, too! :) 


How will teams work?

Project submissions will be in groups of up to 4 people. You can sign up with your friends, but no worries if you don’t have a team when you apply. We’ll be doing a team formation workshop during the event! You can also choose to work on your own, that’s fine~

Looking back

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Natasha Puthukudy

Designathon Director

Design/Media Arts, Class of 2021

Nicole Park

Marketing Director, Outreach Team

Data Theory, Class of 2023

Elena Alimin

Outreach Team

Business Economics, Class of 2024

Ray Huang

Experience Team

Computer Science & Engineering, Class of 2023

Kareena Kullar

Experience Team

Linguistics and Computer Science, Class of 2023

Franklin Liang

Bruin Entrepreneurs Internal Vice President

Business Economics, Class of 2022

Sela Serafin

Design Director

Communication, Class of 2023

Joyce Mok

Design & Operations Teams

Cognitive Science, Class of 2023

Iris Chang

Design Team

Design/Media Arts, Class of 2021

Kyaw Si Thu

Operations Team

Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2024

Nicole Mattox

Marketing Team

Undecided, Class of 2024

Sarah Wilen

Outreach Team

Electrical Engineering, Class of 2023